Travel to Albania. Berat and Gjirokastra

The historic centers of the cities of Berat and Gjirokastra are Unesco heritage from the 2005. Two castles – on top, marò and what a scarpinetto! -, very particular civil architectures. [of uses and customs I cannot say].

A Berat, enclosed in the walls of what was the castle, there is a small cluster of houses still inhabited. Some have become b & bs and restaurants, some have been restructured or have been lovingly restored, others have recently been abandoned – they say vases with dried flowers and faded curtains on the windows – while others still survive for the least time.

On the walls, on the outside and here and there among the alleys, on display, doilies and slippers knitted, blankets and embroidered placemats.

A craftsman, in the shadows of the entrance room of a ruined house, carves in bas-relief, on wooden tablets, glimpses of the neighborhood with windows superimposed at the foot of the castle.

The hand made of the tricot does not appeal to me at all, instead the chisel stroke that transforms a piece of wood into the stylized reproduction of a landscape …

I buy some views of Berat. I take them with me wrapped in newspaper.