1 Things to Know Before Travelling to Albania

Albania is one of the most interesting countries in Europe and one of the friendliest. It is also the place to visit if you want to live a real adventure. The country will surprise you with its gorgeous beaches, pristine valleys, delicious food and friendly people. Here are 11 things to know before travelling to Albania.
Albanians are incredibly friendly
Albania is an amazing country, that’s true, but one of the best things about travelling to the land of the eagles is that wherever you go, from the capital city to the Riviera, from the mountains to the historical towns, you are going to be welcomed by the locals. Albania is one of the friendliest countries you’ll visit in your life. So, if you are travelling to Albania, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance, there will always be someone that will help you find what you are looking for, be it accommodation, a place to eat, or anything else.

Albanians dressed in traditional clothing ©NH53/Flickr
It is a safe country
One of the first things you need to know before booking a trip to Albania is that the country is a very safe place to travel in. You can travel with children, with a loved one or by yourself (women included) without worrying about your safety like you might in other countries. Health concerns, crime and threats of terrorism are low, even in the big cities. As we said, locals are super hospitable and they will make sure you feel like you are home.

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